Exam Stress

Exam Stress

Exam stress. Are you feeling fear anxiety and tension and find it hard to cope?

Exam time is fast approaching and this can be stressful for all. So is the stress of exams just too much?

My lovelies FEAR NOT, studying is all about BALANCE

Here are some great ways to help you cope with fear, anxiety and emotions that get in the way when you are trying to study for your exams.

So let’s de-stress and stay calm.

There are so many ways and small techniques you can use to help you reduce fear, stress less and calm right down.

Your mind and body work together when you are stressed, worried, angry or any other emotion you care to think of. So if your mind is full of stressful and anxious thoughts your body responds so can feel anxious too. You might have headaches, backache, tummy ache or muscle aches. The good thing is when we use techniques to calm the mind, our body responds.


Here are my top tips

Breathing properly from your belly:

This is so very important. What does it mean and how do I do it? The answer is right here.

This is a simple way to check that you are breathing correctly so that it really benefits you. Lay down for a while with your hands gently on your belly. Take some nice slow deep breaths so you can see your belly rise and fall. Your shoulders need to stay still so it is just your belly moving.  It can be quite difficult to begin with so focus on your breathing and on your tummy moving. That’s all there is to it.

So whenever you feel anxious, stressed, can’t remember what you have revised, STOP and BREATHE.

Mindful walks:

Your brain needs a rest and YOU do need to take a break from revision you know. So put your books, papers, iPad, laptop etc. aside for a minute. Leave your phone at home and take a nice long walk paying attention to all you see and hear.

This will really clear your head, trust me it will. You might even find you have ideas that you hadn’t thought of and remember things you have been trying to remember for ages. Calming and clearing your mind enables you to think more clearly.


This is so helpful, just try for 5 minutes. This really can help you. I am not talking about sitting in the lotus position for 30 minutes. I am talking about stepping away from the books, sitting quietly, with no other distractions.

Focus on your breathing; refocus your mind so you are not thinking of studying or exams. Take three nice deep breathes and feel your belly going in and out. And just be in silence.

You can then build on the length of time you take to do this if you wish.

Short spurts can be done anytime and anywhere. Build it into your daily routine.

I often meditate with my symbol cards for The Balance Procedure. These are so brilliant for refocusing the mind. To find out more about this click here

The Balance Procedure

The power of SLEEP:

Having a good night sleep helps to regenerate the mind and body. Your mind needs sleep and that’s all there is to it.


Staying positive is key. It is far too easy to have negative thoughts. To have thought running through your head about how you could do in an exam. ‘Will I fail, fail, fail.’ Now get that thought right out of your head. Fear is the underlying emotion that runs through here so banishing the fear, well some of it anyway is the thing to do. You do need some fear because it is what will give you the spark you need to achieve your best.

Affirmations are fantastic for this. You can say something like, ‘I am doing my best’, ‘I am successful’, I enjoy studying’, ‘I am excellent at taking exams’, ‘I am focused’, ‘my mind is strong’.

Reduce stimulants:

Stimulants like caffeine are best avoided or at least reduced. Why not try herbal tea like peppermint, lemon balm or chamomile tea. Even better, increase your pure water intake and it will rehydrate you and your brain.

If you feel like you need more energy, which is why you are reaching for the caffeine, you could take a good quality B Complex and Vitamin C . I say good quality because you will actually get what you need from them. If you are unsure what nutrition would help you then please ask.  I say this because we are all different and need something right for us. Contact me here

Essential Oils:

Using doTERRA essential oils is a simple way to support learning. They can help to calm, help with focus and also help with feelings of overwhelm. Take a look here to discover a range of oils to de-stress, uplift, energise and calm.

There are some gorgeous essential oils that can help you if you need help focusing, if you are stressed and if you need motivating:

💜Frankincense – Fabulous for calming stress, anxiety and overwhelm

💜Rosemary – has been used to help improve memory and performance

💜Lavender – great for stress and tension also if you have headaches

💜Bergamot – wonderful for calming and balancing the emotions

💜Wild Orange or Tangerine – brilliant for uplifting the mind and body

💜Peppermint – fabulous for stimulating the mind and for reducing tension

💜Roman Chamomile – this is soothing and calming. Great if you are having trouble relaxing and sleeping.

You can add them to your bath, in a little carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil. Add a few drops to a diffuser or use purchase the essential oils in a rollerball so you can carry around and add it to your temples or forehead at any time.

doTERRA Essential OIls


Take some Bach Flower Remedies.

It depends on the reasons for your stress so, for example, you could take

💜 Mimulus, if your stress is fear based.

💜 Aspen, if you are fearful and don’t know why.

💜 Red Chestnut, if you are worried about others.

💜 Rock Rose, if you panic, tremble, sweat.

💜 Cherry Plum, if for uncontrollable emotions, feeling very tense and restless.

💜 Elm, if you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed.

💜 White Chestnut, If you are constantly worrying and overthinking, have tension, headaches and feel exhausted.

Good luck
Toni xxx


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