Are you living life in balance or are you feeling stressed, anxious and have no idea of what you want our of life? 

Our emotions play a huge part in our confidence, stress levels, emotional and mental state of mind and overall health and wellbeing. If we feel frustrated, sad, upset, stressed, angry, overwhelmed, anxious, worried, fearful, then we are out of balance.

We create our reality through what we think and we have some 60,00 - 120,00 thoughts a day, wow that's a lot of thoughts. So imagine if most of the day you are thinking negative thoughts. How does this make you feel? What would your life look like if your thoughts were positive and filled with love?  Take a look at my latest Blog on the self-talk

When we are in balance we are more likely to experience:

  • Improved general health and well being
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mental and emotional state of mind
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved mood

When in balance our body has an increased ability to heal itself.

Did you know you can choose how you want to feel? You can move forward and have an improved life balance. You can deal with stress, anxiety, fear, worry and overwhelm. You can reach your true potential.

Creating life purpose - this is how you can do it:

The Balance Procedure (TBP) is a powerful, practical ENERGY technique and when used as part of your daily life it can help to increase your energy and confidence, it can help to change the way you think and feel and to reach your true potential.

Using the symbol cards help to keep you in the present, to disperse negative thoughts, to focus on positive thoughts and feelings and raise your vibration.

Using The Balance Procedure is a great way to create your future. It is a powerful, quick and easy tool to use to create calm, peace and balance in your life. It is also a simple and quick way to alter any or your limiting beliefs.

The Balance Procedure is a tool for life and can be used on a daily basis to keep you in balance and moving forward.​ Using the cards daily can help to create calm and to help you live in happiness, joy and love.

Learn The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure

Balance book and Universal Symbol Cards

The Balance Procedure is designed to be used on yourself as a self-help tool and is also an accredited course.


As part of your One-to-One Holistic Coaching session, you can include a one to one introduction to The Balance Procedure to use as a self-help tool. Including Book and Symbol Cards.

Two hour Holistic Coaching and Balance Procedure, Investment £130



The Balance Procedure Level 1 Workshop Virtual Live

To share with family, friends and animals. CPD points are available to therapists/professionals

Enables you to share The Balance Procedure with your family, friends and to even use it with your animals. CPD points available to therapists/professionals. 

The Balance Procedure Workshop Investment £150



Practitioner Virtual Live Level Accredited Training

This training is designed for anyone who wants to further their knowledge of The Balance Procedure (TBP) or to use TBP with clients on a professional basis.


TBP Practitioner Training provides an interactive and informal structure, you will receive thorough instruction including plenty of hands on practical assessment and support throughout.


By learning, understanding and developing your knowledge of TBP you are creating a better future of yourself and others.


The Balance Procedure can be used as a stand alone technique. On completion of this training and with your new increased skills and knowledge you will be able to practice and teach the very next day.


There are two online sessions to complete this Practitioner training and you will need to complete case studies to receive your Accredited Practitioner Certificate.



PRE-REQUISITE: The Balance Procedure Attendance Certificate.
Practitioners certification and practitioners pack is included in the price.

The Balance Procedure Practitioner Training Investment £300



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