How can Holistic Coaching help me?

  • Is it time for you to bring the magic back into your life?
  • Are you struggling to cope with the challenges of life, work, relationships and/or work life balance?
  • Would you love to have more self-confidence, self-worth and self-belief?
  • Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed and have struggled, certainly, in the last three years?
  • Are you longing to discover your life purpose, to remove old mindset patterns, habits and obstacles that are holding you back?
  • Would you love to feel calm and in control, to feel less stressed, have more energy and be able to live your life again?
Holistic Coaching

Our mind and emotions can have an effect on how we feel, for example, when we feel pain it can very often be as a result of and emotion like anger. Using coaching and kinesiology is a wonderful combination in helping to identify what is causing your issues and the way to resolve them. Combining coaching with EFT or BWRT will really help to shift any fears, anxiety and stubborn issues.

You might be seeking a new career direction, longing to discover your passion in life, wanting to discover your life purpose, wishing to create emotional balance or wanting to boost your self confidence or self esteem. Coaching sessions will help to inspire, motivate and empower you and at times they will challenge you.

Together, let's create a strategy, positive mindset and set of beliefs that will empower you and build resilience. We can work to bring the magic back into your life.

What is Holistic Coaching?

The Oxford Dictionary defines Holistic as:

'Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole.

"the solution demands a holistic approach and a strategic vision of what can be achieved"'

The definition of holistic is that it is all encompassing, it meets your needs in more than one area of your life. As a qualified therapist and coach I have created a programme of coaching that meets your health, life purpose and career needs. I address the whole of you, mentally, emotionally, chemically and physically.

This might mean that in some of your appointments you might benefit from including BWRTEmotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) or Kinesiology to help clear the issues that are holding you back. In our coaching sessions we work towards creating the life you want and you will gain tools to support you all the way.


As part of your holistic coaching, you can also include a personal development session which involves an introduction to The Balance Procedure to use as a self-help tool that you can use every day to support your journey. Including Book and Symbol Cards.

A two hour Holistic Coaching and Balance Procedure session £130

What would it be like to work with me, this is what my clients say:

"I felt the coaching was excellent and better than i was expecting. Toni, your unique style of coaching put me at ease and really encouraged me to be open with you to therefore get the most out of the experience. I like that you gave me goals that were work related and personal ones that would help me improve overall as an individual.

I felt you helped me step outside of my comfort zone and really lift my confidence. You have a very caring approach and with your support and guidance I achieved my short term goal ( to get a job). I will also be able to work towards achieving my long term goals in the meantime. I think this was a great experience and I would really recommend it to other mums. I really want to thank you for all the many hats you wore when supporting me."


If you have lost your way and long to discover your life purpose, your passion and joy then please do contact me to book in your complimentary 20 minute call to find out if we are a good match, so you can discover more about how we can work together.

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