6,200 thoughts a day. Are you a victim of your self-talk?

Are you the victim of your self-talk

We have around 6,200 thoughts a day, some positive and some negative. Are you a victim of your self-talk?

This is a new year so let’s change that negative self-talk and start as you mean to go on. Let’s take your health and wellbeing to the next level.

The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure book and symbol cards.

I was on a training session with The Balance Procedure trainers last weekend.  We were talking about the benefits of The Balance Procedure and how we could help each other and others develop using the fab symbol cards. There are so many facets to TBP that help support us emotionally, physically and spiritually.

One thing we decided that affected our entire being is our thoughts, what we do with them and how we allow them to affect us. So if something in our body is out of balance it can be due to what’s going on in our mind.

What and how we talk to ourselves is something I mention quite a bit in my Facebook group and discuss a lot with my clients. This really is key here and it makes such a difference to how you feel emotionally and physically and to how you act. It makes a difference in your entire life.

When I find myself slipping back into negative self-talk, out come my cards and I use them to help me to refocus my thoughts and to stop the negative self-talk.

 What is self-talk?

Your mind is constantly on the go and a new study states that we have some 6,200 thoughts a day. Wow, that is a lot of thoughts. The thing is, many of these thoughts will be positive and many will be negative.

Your thoughts become you, you know this. You really are what you think and every cell in your body hears what you say which has an impact on your body and health. This really is how powerful your thoughts are.

Self-talk is an inner dialogue you have with yourself. If negative it can shatter your confidence and self belief.

It doesn’t take much for some of us to switch into a negative frame of mind I know. This does not empower us and can be detrimental to how think about and see ourselves.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? 

Is your cup half full or half empty?

Depending on whether you are a positive or negative thinker makes such a difference to your outlook on life. It effects how you feel about yourself and the world around you. It can affect your relationship with others and yourself.

If your thoughts are negative then this can have an impact on how you cope in life.  It can lead to increased stress and anxiety, lack of motivation and confidence. It can lead to less opportunities in life because you feel that you just can’t do the thing so wont.

So much of your energy is wasted on the negative, for example, stress, anxiety, worry, anger, boredom, fear, frustration, guilt, jealousy, insecurity, blame and so many other negative emotions.

You can transform your thoughts!

You can transform your old negative beliefs into positive ones but it really depends on you of course and if you want to make the change.

It isn’t always easy but it is possible. Yes, of course, it can take a while especially if you have experienced negativity all of your life. The beautiful thing is that you can change, you can change the way you think and react. You can transform your thoughts.

Working out what you want, who you want to be, what career path you wish to follow, how you want to live your life are all questions you may have been asking yourself. Many people do, especially at this time of the year.

Right now is a great time for action, to focus on you, what you say to yourself and how you treat yourself.

Last year was, of course, a challenging year and so far this year is proving to be the same. We are now in the third lockdown so this may not be helping you at all. This is absolutely a time for resilience, for staying strong and making sure you focus on the positive and what you want rather than the negative and what you don’t want.

Making sure your self-speak is good, strong, positive and empowering.  This is even more reason to make changes in your life.

How to transform your thoughts

Check in on your thoughts every day. What are they like, are there more positive than negative thoughts or visa versa?

Use The Balance Procedure symbol cards to transform your thoughts and empower you.

Your thoughts can be changed by your actions. For example, there are simple things you can do like smiling.

Smile even if you don’t feel like it.  You know how different it makes you feel. Also when you smile at others often they return the smile. It’s contagious. As the saying goes, “Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone” ~ Stanley Gordon West.

Create happy moments in your day with whatever makes you happy. This will always transform the negative into a positive. This can be small things like baking or listening to music, listen to upbeat tunes every day.

Write a list of what you want, big or small, anything that will create positivity and happiness in your life.

Try using Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping.

EFT on the karate chop point.

One of my favourites is using positive affirmations. I use them on their own or as part of The Balance Procedure. Using them every day can really transform your thoughts about yourself, others and life itself. Affirmations like:

‘I am positive’

‘I am strong’

‘I am capable’

‘My life is full of potential’

‘I am at peace with my mind’

‘I am confident’

‘I can achieve whatever I put my mind to’

Transform your thoughts my lovelies and transform your life. 

If you find this too challenging to do on your own then let’s do it together. Contact me via the form below for a FREE 20-minute clarity call.

Much love

Toni x

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