Success Stories - What clients say about their experience

Thank you so much for a wonderful session.  It was really helpful on many levels and I felt very well looked after. Your treatment room is perfect. You showed patience and attentiveness as well as clearly demonstrating great skill and accuracy and I look forward to working with you again. Toni, I also want to say that my intention for the day was to have any blind spots revealed to me and to see what new  information might be exposed. The whole of the ICV makes such sense now!! So thank you so much for your detective work. Best wishes for now, Helen xxx



Toni was fantastic, she was professional, calm, courteous and gave clear explanations to the methods of holistic procedures she was undertaking on me. My second visit and I was going in the right direction, Toni advised me to keep on doing what I was doing and maybe a check up periodically which I fully intend to do.I have a medical background and so Toni's treat the cause not the symptoms approach was exactly what I needed.
I would have no hesitation in recommending 'Balance Your Health'.
Many thanks



Morning. I don't know what happened yesterday, but it was magic. I woke up with no pain in my hip and ready for a new day, like it was happening before. Thank you. I'm so grateful. ♥️♥️♥️



I started to see Toni because I was having some real problems in my personal life. The telephone consultation I had with her made me feel instantly better, I was feeling alot of despair and lack of hope and she reminded me that I'm not always going to feel like this and that I will get better, which felt like a lovely hug to me. I have been seeing Toni for Kinesiology and she is unbelievable! The difference I have noticed in my life after 3 sessions is brilliant. I look forward to our sessions every month, she is so kind and knowledgeable and makes you feel at peace. 


I had the pleasure of getting a 2 hr deep healing session with Toni. As a working mum of young children trying to navigate the chaos of modern life, I needed to recalibrate my body, mind and soul and get recharged again.

Toni is a kind, patient, and intuitive healer who walks the talk and gives you a warm glowing feeling and a sense of confidence. Her studio is a tranquil oasis of peace that you never want to leave.

The session began with an in-depth consultation. I then laid onto an energetic healing mat and Toni began to do her thing. I don’t know exactly what was done as I had my eye closed throughout, but as I understand it a combination of kinesiology, crystal healing, sound therapy, colour therapy and Reiki.

At the end of the session, I was feeling very light, calm and centres. I left with a spring in my step and a warm fuzzy feeling - this is weird, why am I smiling so much?! K S


South East London
Toni is lovely & proved BWRT works, it not only works but it works well & it works fast! What a difference I've found right from the session ending. In fact, when going through an issue which caused me anxiety and worry, all of a sudden I felt pretty chilled, calm and relaxed about all the things which made me anxious previously. Thank you Toni.


Milton Keynes

BWRT & Kinesiology

I’ve been going to Toni now for about a year. I was originally interested in having BWRT but I have also, more recently been having Kinesiology. I can honestly say Toni has changed my life for the better, the blend of treatments she offers help you to get to the root of the issue and even when you’re not sure of why you’re feeling off balance Toni helps you work it out and recommends the treatments that work for you. And on top of being super talented, she is also a genuinely lovely person who makes you feel at ease from the very start. I can’t recommended Toni more highly and I’m very grateful that I found her. Thank you Toni xxx



I felt the coaching was excellent and better than i was expecting. Toni, your unique style of coaching put me at ease and really encouraged me to be open with you to therefore get the most out of the experience. I like that you gave me goals that were work related and personal ones that would help me improve overall as an individual. I felt you helped me step outside of my comfort zone and really lift my confidence. You have a very caring approach and with your support and guidance I achieved my short term goal ( to get a job). I will also be able to work towards achieving my long term goals in the meantime. I think this was a great experience and I would really recommend it to other mums. I really want to thank you for all the many hats you wore when supporting me.




I had my first BWRT with Toni. As I was feeling upset and tearful. I had trouble sleeping ad woke up feeling sad. During the therapy I begun to feel less sad. My mind had calmed down and I felt more positive. The next day I had slepted well and felt more cheerful. The BWRT had been relaxing and very effective. I feel such a difference In my mood. I would highly recommend Toni and this therapy.
Julie Bexleyheath


I telephoned Toni for help with my anxiety and panic levels due to circumstances in my life. I was stuck in a rut and I new I needed to move on in my life. We spoke about BWRT treatment in a 20min discussion and Toni felt it would be suitable for me. I only had two BWRT sessions and I am so pleased I made that telephone call. My life has turned round. I feel positive about going out socially and trying new experiences where before I would have said NO to everything. Thanks Toni. Here's to new beginnings. Maggie




Toni has helped me so much over the last 10 years. I first saw her when I was diagnosed with ME or some doctors call Chronic Fatigue. She helped me recover from ME within a couple of visits. Since then, I have lived life to the full.
Recently, I wanted to stop the medication I had been on for chronic fatigue. Citralopram was given to me by a consultant, and over the years, I had tried to stop the medication. With the advise of my GP. I decided to try again. The GP said reduce them gradually and see how you get on. Do not stop without cutting down slowly. However, each time, I found it too difficult to reduce them. I told Toni I really wanted to stop them for good. She said she would devise a plan and support me throughout. Within a couple of months of cutting the medication down. I stopped them altogether. That was 3 months ago. I am doing well now without any medication. When I did feel I needed reassuring, Toni helped me see I could succeed. Each time I had my treatment with Toni. She picked up on how I was feeling. She used the kinesiology to treat any symptoms i had. I am proud of myself for recovering from ME and to have stopped the medication. I could not have done this without Toni. She has a true gift. I could not recommend her enough. I am free of medication, and that's just a great feeling. 




I really want to thank you for the amazing experience I had with your therapy. I must admit that I didn't trusted so much that something will change, but I have to tell you that all my stomach ache has stopped, and today was the first day after a long time when I woke up all energised and ready to go the gym and then work. Just amazing. I still enjoy every minute, because I can't believe it. I referred a friend to you as well. 



Kinesiology & BWRT

This is my wonderful human that helps me, She has taught me so much. I have skills now that before my journey with Toni started I never felt possible to achieve. For instance today I’m driving myself to a place I’ve never driven to before. I’ve always car share or not go. Today I’m doing it. Not only am I doing it. I haven’t even got the anxiety and fear that I would normally have.
If you live with fear or anxiety or anything go for a visit. Trust me you will never look back only forward she is amazing




I have been having treatment with the very lovely Toni Thomas for years now …. She has helped me mostly with emotional support and anxiety but also muscle pain, hormone Imbalances, post viral symptoms and overall Health! I go to her for regular MOTs - I love this lady and she will be my go to therapist forever!


Just the best!
After having various different therapies with Toni, I couldn’t recommend anyone more - she is brilliant.
All of the therapies have helped so much, and Toni’s caring, helpful nature make you feel totally comfortable and at ease, making the experience even better!
Completely recommend Toni and her lovely therapies.
5 big fat stars



The Balance Procedure

I am so pleased that I did level 1 of this course. It is so usable and user friendly. Toni is such an inspirational teacher and her warm personality makes it very easy to learn. Her gentle encouragement allows the information to be absorbed in a relaxed, yet professional way. I am so looking forward to Level 2..



The Balance Procedure

This lovely therapist offers some amazing treatments. Recently I completed level 1 balance procedure.... wow ! What a powerful experience and procedure I will practice everyday a tool to help me from falling of this tightrope journey of life. ( I am balanced )




I have seen Toni for a range of different things!! She is amazing in her field, with lots of knowledge and recommendations!
One of the issues that I had is I suffered from a stuffy nose in the morning, and I put it down to Hayfever but when Toni mentioned that I sounded like I have a cold I then spoke to her about how it made me feel, including at times difficulty sleeping if it continued throughout the day!
Toni then said to have Hopi ear candling to help ease all of the sinuses followed by a facial massage to also help any blockages and assist in clearing. I found this really helped me and it was really relaxing!
I really love the knowledge that Toni has and her passion to continue learning to help others!




I had followed Toni on her Balance Your Health Facebook page for a few months and decided it was time to see if she could help me with several issues relating to the menopause that I was experiencing.
I was feeling tired, anxious, not sleeping very well, and suffering with bloating and digestive problems. The doctor did not seem to be able to do anything and all my blood work came back fine.
After the first session with Toni I felt good and a further two visits to see her my symptoms have greatly improved. I now have so much more energy which means I can enjoy exercise again and the added bonus of losing 14lbs in the last two months.
Toni makes you feel relax and comfortable during the appointment and is an excellent practitioner. I believe that the Kinesiology that she has administered has really worked and improved my wellbeing 100%.
I would just like to say a massive thank you to Toni for all her help and advice. I feel that I have finally got my life back again.
I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.




I don't know what you did yesterday but I feel amazing today! Honestly, buzzing at the moment. Jennie xxx




When searching Google for a Kinesiologist several years ago, I had no idea that I would be lucky enough to discover Toni. To this day, it has been one of the best and most important things that I have done for my health and that of my family. In fact, Toni has become such an integral part of my life that I consult her on almost everything, like I do my own Mother!
Over the years, I have been to Toni with a variety of health issues ranging from migraines, to stomach problems, to anxiety. She is an incredible listener, diagnostician and healer. Toni has worked with my children from a young age and produced brilliant results, nowadays she is my first port of call before taking them to a GP when they are poorly.
I have recommended Toni to numerous friends, all of which have had a positive experience, even one who thought that complementary therapies were akin to sprinkling fairy dust! Now, within my circle of friends if anything is out of balance the catchphrase is "Toni will fix it!"
Toni, thank you for your patience and your kindness. I'm truly grateful.



Remote Kinesiology

Since the lockdown, I have moved my work online and this a testimonial from a very special lady.

Hi everyone! Please read this if you’re interested in distance healing.
I just thought I’d let you all know that it was me who left the review for Toni Thomas re distance healing. I really can’t emphasise just how much this has helped me!! I don’t know how or why it works, it just does though!
So please, if you’re suffering in any way, emotionally/physically or both, I urge you to just give it a go, I’m sure you won’t regret it!
FYI I recently had severe COVID19 symptoms and have been left with breathing difficulties and a chronic chest infection. Toni is treating me generally (ME/CFS), and so I turned to her for help once again. She has really been helping me cope . Treating anxiety and healing/balancing my organs to help ease the strain on my body. It is amazing!!
I feel honoured to know Toni and to have her treating me.
Thank you Toni!




I first visited Toni back in June 2017 for Kinesiology, I found her warm, approachable and was always happy to give you the time you needed, she never rushed you out the door after your hour! I have visited Toni every month since, I cant imagine not having my monthly dose of Kinesiology.
Its more than a treatment, you’re never rushed and Toni is happy to sit and chat with you over anything that is troubling you or how she might be able to help with her vast knowledge.
I highly recommend Toni, both my mum and sister have received regular kinesiology treatments with Toni.

Kinesiology with Toni is like a big warm hug, I always leave there feeling so much better and also lighter somehow, I always look forward to my monthly Kinesiology appointment.

The Balance Procedure – Level 1 (one day course)

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the ‘balance procedure’ with Toni. Before I started I wasn’t too sure how it all worked or how it would benefit my life etc but I know I wanted to learn about it not only to use on myself and daily life but also my Reiki clients (human or four legged).
The course began and that was it, I couldn’t get enough. Once I’d actually sat, listened and read about the procedure and the cards and how simple it really was I was hooked.
I went home that evening and balanced everyone in the house on the cards including our dog and couldn’t wait to help balance others. I have since balanced my sisters horse and friends.

I keep my balance cards in my handbag so they are always close by if I need them bit like a safety blanket. I wouldn’t be without them, they have helped me numerous times even in a meeting at work.
I feel I’m a much less stressed driver than previously and I also try not to let things get to me as much as they maybe previously did, I’m now more conscious not to get as they say ‘stuck in the story’.

I’m looking forward to completing my level 2 in the near future.



Aroma Touch

Toni Thomas thank you so much for my aroma touch massage it was fabulous.
Highly recommended.


Had my first AromaTouch appointment yesterday with Toni. Wow!
Toni is friendly, welcoming and informative. She made me feel at ease immediately and explained the treatment in detail beforehand.
The treatment is SO relaxing and as light as a feather. I didn’t realise how tense/stressed I’d been for a long time until the end of my session – this new relaxed feeling is how I’m supposed to feel! Just fabulous. And I slept like a log.
Thank you Toni – I’ll be back for more!


I had an AromaTouch treatment with Toni on Friday – it was truly blissful. Toni is very caring and made me feel totally relaxed.


North Heath

I just spent a relaxing hour with Toni Thomas, a wonderful relaxing aroma touch massage. Thank you Toni it was just what I needed to get rid of some of the tension in my life at the moment.



I went to see Toni as I was feeling out of balance and also had a problem with my ear so had the Hopi Ear Candle treatment. The whole experience was really lovely. The setting was very warm and comforting as was Toni and the treatment was very relaxing. The massage after was so lovely too. I would definitely recommend and will definitely go back for another treatment.



Such a beautiful lady with the skills + lovely honest approach to help you whatever your needs. Toni advised me on lots of things I could do to support my knee injury in its healing. Within days the acute pain diminished and as I continue the MSM and Prodamin and do the right exercises I have confidence it will soon reach its optimum flexibility. Wonderfully I remain acute pain free.



Toni bought me back from a very dark place of not wanting to carry on anymore
I can not thank her enough today I’m back, I realised with Toni’s help I’m enough I’m balanced and finally happy and contented with the life I’ve been dealt and now it’s bloody beautiful. Much love to an amazing human being



Kinesiology for children has helped my young granddaughter enormously with the anxieties and stress she had through peer pressure at school. She first saw Toni around 3 years ago and after a few sessions was a changed child, balanced and able to cope. More recently she had another session with Toni to help her deal with her obsessive fear of dogs and the dentist and came away with the mechanisms to help her manage her visits to the dentist and any chance encounters with dogs. Now aged almost 10, I think it has made a huge difference and I cannot recommend Toni too highly.


South East London

Working closely with Toni has given me inner strength and a new beginning and a better idea of how to transform my soul.

Thank you Toni Thomas



I cannot thank Toni enough, she has worked wonders which has benefitted our whole family.

I am the mum of a 6 year old little boy who has a number of health and developmental issues. He has been seeing Toni for about 4 months and what a transformation! He’s calm and alert and the biggest benefit is that after 4 years of not sleeping, he is now (most nights) sleeping for 10-12 hours. As you can imagine as a family we all feel refreshed.

Her knowledge is second to none. We have taken on board her recommendations for homeopathic remedies/supplements and steering clear or certain foods and it really does seem to have worked. We are now hopefully on our way to a healthier and a much happier little boy.

I would recommend complimentary therapy to any other parent, it’s non-invasive and can only benefit your child’s health. My boy can be a bit is a handful at times but this does not phase Toni, she just works with him. The last session she managed to work on him the entire time he just relaxed into her, a real example of how much calmer he is now.

Toni has also worked on him surrogately through myself. DO NOT be sceptical about this, it really does work. Just this week I went to see her with some on my sons hair (he’d had a particularly bad week after consuming something he is allergic to), within a couple of days he was back to his normal self.

Toni is amazing and I wish I had know about Kinesiology a long time ago!



Toni is a wonderful Reiki practitioner alongside other treatments that she provides. Toni is kind, knowledgeable & truly cares about her client’s wellbeing & really does take a truly holistic approach.

I have had Reiki treatments from Toni & felt so relaxed & she really listens with her heart as well as her head. The whole experience was absolutely beautiful, spiritual & calming and I most certainly will continue to visit Toni for treatments.

Thank you Toni for being you xx



I cannot thank Toni enough for getting me back to perfect health and 5 years on I am still well. I was told by a consultant that I had ME or some doctors call Chronic Fatigue, 5 years ago. I was told some people recover and some do not. I could hardly walk and could not be up for more than 1 hour a day. Within 1 month of seeing Toni I was back to work, I got my energy back and my brain fog had gone.

I have since been living my life to the full I work full time and have only had a couple of days sickness from work in the last 5 years, for normal illnesses.

I have done lots of exciting things since my recovery including completing the Race for life every year for Cancer research. I have climbed over the 02 building, been down the Stratford slide, walked down the rock of Gibraltar, been on lots of holidays where I have walked miles. My energy levels are back to normal and soon returned to normal after seeing Toni for the first time. I still see Toni as I love the treatments, she has a true gift. I am so glad I decided to book with her. Toni shows empathy and true kindness, I would recommend her to anyone. I gained my life back because of Toni. I wish I could tell everyone who has been told they have ME/Chronic Fatigue that there really is a way to recover and Toni can help you so much. I would be happy for anyone to ask me about my recovery.




Love and Appreciation to Terrific Toni ..!!

I met the lovely Toni a few weeks ago and was drawn to her for her calm and caring nature ..

I have since paid for a member of my staff and myself to have kinesiology with Toni…

We both found this to be very beneficial after both suffering with stomach issues …

The venue is home based environment which is calm and tranquil with a warm and loving feel. I liked the heated blanket whilst having my treatment ….

The price was reasonable and Toni was very through with both our consultations ..!! This is essential part of the treatment to ensure your bespoke needs are met ….!!

I can SUCCESSFULLY state that we were given LOVING & CARING information and there was no hard sell of supplements or follow up appointments …

Toni really loves her job and this radiates through when she works on your body ..

I am already feeling even more VIBRANT & VITALISED in my body and my mind….

And I can’t wait to see TERRIFIC TONI again ..!!

So if you are ever you are suffering with digestive issues then KINESIOLOGY is a GREAT way to resolve the problem…

Why not try Toni you will be DELIGHTED THAT YOU DID …!!


Lots of Love

Baker Girl xx

I asked Toni if I could share my story, in the hope that it could help others. Many people with different health conditions can benefit from kinesiology, here’s mine…

I’ve suffered from severe ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia for 16 years and was feeling particularly poorly when I first contacted Toni. I’d read that Kinesiology could benefit my condition and was desperately seeking relief from my many symptoms! I went to see her with an open mind and willingness to get better.

Toni and I developed an instant rapport. She is such a warm, kind and empathetic person who genuinely wants to help you to wellness.

She explained that I have many layers that need unravelling and each session has been unique. Different techniques are used to uncover energy imbalances and to restore them and it is an amazing experience! Sessions have uncovered ‘hidden’ subconscious emotions that are affecting my physical and mental health. Toni has an amazing ability to uncover a wealth of information about your health, even if you’re not aware of these issues, then helps to balance them. She knows exactly how I’m feeling and how to help. I don’t know how she does it but I know that it works!!

I truly look forward to our sessions and am astounded by the results. I always leave feeling revitalised, refreshed and hopeful at last! To me, it is a journey worth taking and I cannot recommend her highly enough.




Well what can I say ??

Here at Team BGB we are DELIGHTED with Toni Thomas LOVING HANDS …!!

I paid for a session for one of my staff to have kinesiology muscle testing to see if she had any allergies as she had been having stomach trouble and has colitis …!!

Myself & my member of staff are ASTOUNDED by the level of LOVE, CARE & ATTENTION Toni gave to her.

Toni was really through with all of her muscle testing and gave my member of staff a detailed list of foods to avoid and a supplement she could buy independently to assist her gut healing …!!

Toni followed up the visit with an action plan which was emailed …!!

Toni was professional, personable and proficient.

The venue was easily accessible home based which has a relaxed and calm environment. A perfect setting for this type of treatment.

The VALUE for money is EQUISTE…!!

So if you are looking for a therapist who really cares and wants to the best for your digestive health then TERRIFIC TONI is the ANSWER YOU SEEK …!!


Love and Appreciation


I came to Toni for help after pursuing a more traditional approach to an ongoing health problem. The issue arose a couple of years ago after a bout of gastroenteritis combined with a bad reaction to a drug I had been prescribed which resulted in bad stomach pains and overwhelming nausea for most of the day. My G.P. sent me to a consultant at the hospital where eventually I had an eco X-ray and also a gastroscopy where they put a camera down my throat. All they concluded was that there was a lot of inflammation but didn’t pinpoint anything specific. By now although not feeling as desperate as I had been, I still had nausea and pain and my energy levels were low. I decided to follow a more natural route to discover what was actually happening to my body.

Enter Toni. She asked me for a hair sample which I duly sent and then she worked her magic. She pinpointed the problem as being mainly with the small intestine and she discovered a candida infection. She suggested certain beneficial probiotic supplements and an eating plan to follow to rid my body of the yeast problem. A lot of the symptoms I was displaying were at the top of the list for candida. She has been helping me with her energy work using a surrogate as we are in different countries, and has been very supportive throughout. The eating plan can be pretty restricted so she has been urging me on when I have faltered. I know that I have probably had this problem for a long time so it will not sort itself out overnight! She is constantly checking up on me and I know she really cares. Once the candida is under control she has a plan to strengthen my digestive system so that I can be as healthy as possible. The nausea has significantly decreased and a lot of the pain has gone. I truly feel that Toni has done more for me than the medical profession and in a much shorter period of time. I truly am grateful
for her help and would recommend her wholeheartedly.¨

Annette Ryder

Toni has been an amazing help for me. I have had a difficult time lately with jobs, eczema and digestion issues. She has been able to help me with all three! This is because she has many skills which I feel really helps to cover all aspects of life. I first went to Toni’s lovely treatment room for kinesiology and have been so thrilled with the results. She has also combined crystal healing, career advice and balancing techniques all of which have given me so much confidence and a sense overall wellbeing. Most importantly, she is a lovely person, who has a passion for helping people. I feel this kind of care is vital when being treated holistically (or in any way) because it leaves myself and I’m sure any client feeling as positive as she is! So for anyone who hasn’t tried the holistic approach to good health, I’d most definitely recommend Toni!



I wanted to say a massive thank you to Toni, I’ve only had a few kinesiology sessions with her so far but I sit here looking forward to my next appointment and continuing my journey. Her welcome and manner with me immediately put me at ease as I needed her help with a multitude of things and I leave her feeling relaxed and that one step closer to all round health. Toni is helping to balance me physically and emotionally and the things she hones in on is amazing. I’m so comfortable with her and my treatment and sincerely can’t recommend her highly enough.


East London

This is my 3rd visit to Toni. I have suffered depression and anxiety for many years and have been on diets most of my adult life due to food/body issues. I was new to Kinesiology and didn’t really understand it fully. My daughter had been to Toni and said how wonderful she was, and felt I would benefit. How right she was. From my 1st meeting Toni made me feel so at ease. She has such a warm caring way that I felt I could really tell her how I was feeling. Which I hadn’t done with previous Counsellors. I wished I had discovered Toni sooner!!

I am already feeling so much better. I know we have more work to do but look forward to our sessions.

Thank you Toni, I am at last seeing that I could get better with your help!! Xx



The second I met Toni I felt at ease due to her warming aura; she is extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to be around.

Her vast knowledge of the human body is made very apparent during our kinesiology sessions and I thoroughly enjoy every second of them.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress recently and Toni has helped to rebalance my body, hormones and stress levels. Through kinesiology, she has pinpointed several problems with my body and we’ve worked together to relieve them; my digestive system has been struggling and with Toni’s expertise and guidance the problems are resolving one by one.

I am so happy with my choice of therapist and I look forward to each of my appointments, I couldn’t recommend Toni more, she will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and extremely happy!



Cannot recommend Toni and her treatments too highly. She is such a warm and empathetic person that I feel I can truly trust. She has got me through what has been the most terrible 12 months +. Not only has she worked wonders for my wellbeing but also other members of my family have benefited from her help including my young granddaughter


West Norwood

I went to see Toni towards the end of my treatment for breast cancer. The treatment had pushed me into the menopause and I was struggling with the many hormonal issues that ensued along with a whole host of emotions concerning this illness.

Toni was and is fantastic! Empathetic and understanding. After the first treatment I immediately felt more buoyant and have been able to cope much better with all the side effects. I will certainly continue with the treatments and also the suggested remedies to help.

I would recommend Toni to everyone as all can benefit from this balancing and wonderfully all encompassing treatment.


Petts Wood

‘My daughter and I have been so impressed with Toni’s warmth, friendliness and her ability to deal with the route cause to our little niggles. She has made us feel welcome with her empathetic approach, Rosie even asked to see Toni and thoroughly enjoyed being with her. Uncomplicated and simple solutions to things that seem much bigger at the time. Thank you Toni xxx’

Pip & Rosie


“I have been suffering with adrenal exhaustion and accompanying clinical depression and anxiety for 13 years. I am delighted (and relieved!) to have found Toni who is now helping me heal after years of suffering. Toni is a very caring, empathetic and compassionate person. She is very intuitive and non judgemental and really understands my emotional problems. I have already seen improvements in a very short amount of time and I am looking forward to continued advancement on my journey to health. I love kinesiology, it’s definitely the way forward.”



I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue or some doctors call (ME). I was told by a consultant some people recover and some never do. There was no cure and no treatment. At this point I was very depressed as I was someone who was fit, walked my dog every day and walked to work. However for 6 months I could hardly walk and could not be awake for more than an hour a day. I had worked in the same job for 28 years but my employer stated they could no longer support my sickness. I needed to find a way of returning to work otherwise I would have been dismissed.

I had always believed in alternative treatments and had tried acupuncture and reiki in the past so I searched the internet for other treatments. When I came across Toni’s web site and decided to make an appointment as soon as possible. Toni put me at my ease and gave me confidence she could help me which no one up to then had done. Each appointment I got better and within a few weeks I could walk more and my fatigue improved. I found each visit there was different things for Toni to sort out for me sometimes it was my lack of energy, lack of sleep, headaches and joint pain. Within 4 weeks I returned to work on a part time basis. I never thought I would have been able to work again and I love my job.

I have returned to full health again now; however I still have my appointments but I enjoy them and have them now just to keep me healthy. I would say I have a better life now as I do everything I ever wanted to do. I can walk miles I have climbed over the 02 building, ran the race for life this year and passed my qualification for The Institute of customer services. I have done all of this whilst working full time and when I get tired it is just normal tiredness.

I do believe I could not have got well again without Toni’s help. Sometimes I would be amazed at how she knew exactly how I felt without me saying anything. I would recommend Toni she has a true gift and thanks to her I have my life back.



I just wanted to say thank for the wonderful treatment you have been giving me for the last few months, I cannot believe the dramatic change it has made!! I have been suffering from IBS for so long, and for you to pintpoint exactly the causes in such a short space of time is nothing short of amazing. After the initial scepticism, I am totally converted to kinesiology, it is truly miraculous how your skills and knowledge can quickly identify the root causes, and your advice and patience, in dealing and explaining the best way to tackle these issues, along with a food plan, worked within days, and by following these simple points, has alleviated and stopped the problems along with losing weight, so an added bonus!



I started seeing Toni while recovering from chronic fatigue and holding down a busy job and I’m still a regular, testimony enough that I continue to feel a real benefit from every visit. I have brought friends and family to her and all have gained from seeing her, be it a one off or multiple visits. I continue to be amazed with every treatment at what my body is saying it needs even my head doesn’t know it! I always leave calmer and happier than when I arrived, partly due to the treatment and partly Toni’s gentle and caring approach. Seeing Toni is an investment in me and my long term health.



I love Kinesilogy! I am constantly amazed by how quickly Toni can identify what your bodies needs in order to heal itself and how quickly you feel the difference. Toni makes the whole experience so wonderful, relaxing yet uplifting. I recommend her services to everyone!



Being able to find out what foods didn’t agree with my son’s digestive system has been amazing

The ability to support and boost my children’s immune systems through Kinesiology as helped our family have fewer coughs and colds and with young children that has, without a doubt, been incredible.

Supporting my children emotionally with the use of Bach Flower remedies has been wonderful. Knowing that I can continue supporting them after each treatment with the correct remedy has helped when they have felt anxious or fearful or worried.

Being able to have a treatment that will not only help with my reoccurring illnesses but that also helps my emotional wellbeing is invaluable. Treatments leave me feeling positive and uplifted and more in control!



I was suffering from reoccurring vertigo which my GP said was normal after you have had it once and gave me a drug that made me feel dizzy and unable to drive. A friend recommended going to see Toni. At first was a little apprehensive however was willing to give anything a go so I went along to my first and only appointment. I have not needed to go back as I have not had vertigo since and that was over a year ago! Toni was very welcoming and made me feel really relaxed, so with an open mind I just let her do her ‘stuff’ and I was amazed! Would highly recommend as an alternative to GP’s who are restricted by time and tend to take a long time to diagnose.



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