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Neal’s Yard Organic provides a wide range of plant-based products that are ethical, organic, free from toxins and will nourish you from the inside out. They will protect, re-hydrate, refresh, nourish, create radiance and combat the signs of ageing. Neal’s Yard is a British based family business that passionately believes in providing homegrown organic ingredients in all their products. They also work hard to reduce the impact on the environment and trade fairly and say ‘NO to being contaminated without consent’. To find out more about Neal’s Yard, their philosophy and products click here

Their products smell divine, feel wonderful and taste gorgeous. You can feel wonderful from head to toe and from the inside out.  There are product ranges for men, women and babies, healing remedies, teas and supplements.  Find out more about the wonderful products contact Toni or go to my online store

Nurture Yourself This Winter With Neal’s Yard Organic Products

It is so very important to look after yourself on the inside and out especially during the winter months when there are so many bugs floating around and when we are spending a lot of time indoors in heated places. Our immune systems are under stress. This can be so very simple to solve. You can either take extra supplements such as Vitamin C and a Super Antioxidant Boost. I just love these for all the healthy nutrients they offer to beautifully aid our health and well being. There are a range of fabulous superfoods that can easily be added to things such as smoothies, yoghurt or porridge they are so versatile, also a very easy and cost effective way of having organic nutrition. Neal’s Yard Superfood complex range, Organic Fibre Blend – Cleanse £22, Organic Cocoa Complex – Rebalance £22, Organic Greens Complex – Detox £22 and Organic Berry Complex – Radiance £22,

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